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The cat is out of the bag
So the last post was a little bit cryptic, just a tiny bit.

It was all about a girl.

And now that girl knows I like her.  Amazingly she didn't turn me down, although she didn't exactly reflect my sentiments either.

We had a really nice afternoon together yesterday, lunch, shopping, meeting the parents, talking. It was, nice. But she's not sure if she's wanting a relationship right now, and given what she's told me about what's going on in her life at the moment, I totally understand but I still want to be there for her.

However she needs time to think things through, so I've backed off and given her some space.

I feel like I've fucked things up but people are saying I've not.  I was just so sure that she liked me too.  It was either that or she'd go off the deep and rip my head off.  The middle ground she's chosen to take has kinda left me in limbo, I'm just not sure what to do with myself at the moment.

Stay strong man, she'll see your worth... maybe.

Fuck I don't know.

This is Benji Dude, asking you... shit.
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