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New year! New post!
Hello faithful readers! Bah! Who am I kidding, faithful reader.... oh ok just me. Screw you all!

Tis a new year so I thought what better way of kicking things off than with a new blog post?  You know what this means?

UPDATE TIME! *insert fancy jingle here*

*Takes a quick gander at date of last post* oh boy, that was a while ago, well here goes! (in no particular order)

  • Got a new car

  • Mum passed away

  • Got a new job (not in the games industry)

  • Looking at moving house

  • Fallen for a couple of girls (that went nowhere)

  • Got a new PC (tis a thing of beauty)

  • Got more plastic models than I know what to do with!

  • Had a disastrous Christmas!

  • Had a good New Years!

  • Flogging half my childhood (selling old toys and stuff)

  • Played far too much Skyrim!

  • Got caught out by the Miraak bug in Skyrim!

  • Fixed the Miraak bug in Skyrim!

That covers all the major points, I think, so... yeah.  Stuff and things, things and stuff.  Hopefully I'll be posting more often in the coming year, but I make no promises!  So you there!  Yes you!  I mean me!  the only reader of this blog, keep tuned in for future updates on the trials and tribulations that are my life.

This is Benji Dude, asking you to cut this old dog some slack, it's been one hell of a year.

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